Studied Principles of Art and Film Making at Art Center College of Design, Entered the Animation Industry in 1990 by working on The Emmy Award Winning Animated Series "The Ninja Turtles."

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Stapletoons Studios:

"Dave Chappelle Short" 2018 Stapletoons Studios
"Tic Tac N' Toe" 2015 DreamWorks TV
"Slimbones" 2014 Theatrical Featurette

Animation Credits Include:

"Dave Chappelle Short" Stapletoons Studios
"Rover Dangerfeld" . Paramount Studios
"BeBe's Kids". Paramount Studios
"Tom and Jerry The Movie" . MGM Studios
"Hunchback of Notre Dame". Walt Disney Anima UTI STUDIOS
"Lil Pimp". Revolution Studios
"Family Guy". 20th Century Fox Television
"Bob's Burgers". 20th Century Fox Television

Creative Director/Conceptual Designer Credits Include:

"Dave Chappelle Short" Stapletoons Studios
"André 3000's "CLASS of 3000" . Cartoon Network Studios
"The Blues Brothers". Film Romans Studios
"Spike Lee/Tanya Lee/Rusty Cundieff's Lilli Lovings". Disney Television
"Popcorn Smells Trouble" 29 Creations Philmworks

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