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Chris Carr

There is no right answer to the question of why did Chris Carr become an actor. Acting as a child, acting in theatre and acting on camera have all been different learning experiences to him, but the constant need for curiosity, growth, and love for it all is the same.

Early Life

Chris Carr was born July 17, 1999. His mother was a single mom raising 3 kids working 2 jobs building her business up while leaving her son in Theatre programs all around Los Angeles where he was born and raised. He bounced around different schools throughout the city which introduced him to several plays, and this would pave his way for his entry in Hollywood.

Acting Career

Chris Carr began his career on Kids Management for background roles in TV for Bella and the Bulldogs, Goldbergs, and Gang Related in 2013-2017. In 2018, he was enrolled at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts where he would make independent films with his peers, and later on would continue to study at IDSA in Thymele Arts theatre with Director Anthony Barrow. He currently is working with David Rountree in the LA acting studios.

The Work Ethnic and Learning the Industry

Chris Carr understood at an early age how discouraging the Industry can be with rejection and it doesn’t matter how right for the part you’re, if the role is not for you it’s not for you. However this never stopped him from going back to the auditions rooms with gratitude, going back to the lab and working harder in developing as an Actor.

The actor has appeared on stage, on camera and in his own independent films. He’s played contemporary characters, fictional characters and modern day characters. Carr has also worked at The LA film school on a short film project Who did it? That won Best Picture/ Best Writer at the Los angeles Motion Picture Festival.

Other Information

No Biography of Chris Carr would be complete without mentioning how Spiritually uplifting he is to himself and his peers. The strong frequency he carries himself with is like no other, he believes It is always the right time, to do what is right. It is always proper to remind yourself and the people you work with on set that you’re loved, you’re strong, and you’re  motivating.
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