Brendan Charles is an actor, singer/songwriter and musician. Raised in Orange County, Brendan was exposed to theatre at an early age by his mother, a fellow performer, and started to pursue acting professionally in his late teens. Inspired by performers such as Johnny Depp who seemed to be able to disappear seemlessly into any role, Brendan dedicated his time to studying the craft of acting, and started studying at The Steve Eastin studio; a protege of Charles Conrad who worked under Sandford Meisner.  Brendan would practice his craft in Shakespeare plays such as King John and All’s Well that Ends Well at the Long Beach Shakespeare Company, and played the role of Prince John in a fantastic production of The Lion in Winter at The Attic in Santa Ana. Brendan and the production were praised in a review by Tom Titus in the LA Times.  Brendan’s acting career, as well as the rest of the world, were put on pause during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As a form of artistic survival, Brendan created The Call from Upstairs, a music project that fuses alternative rock, synth wave, and modern production. Playing piano for most of his life, Brendan then started singing and playing guitar on his songs that can be heard on all music streaming platforms. The Call from Upstairs’ first single, “Show Me the Light,” is placed on one of Spotify’s most popular Indie Rock playlist. Brendan’s desire to learn and create has him continuing making art that can be seen on a stage and screen, and heard through speakers.

IG Main: @thebrendancharles
IG Music:  @thecallfromupstairsmusic

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