Anthony Theodorakos was born and raised in Framingham MA. His love for creative writing started in 7th grade after winning his first poetry contest. A few years later, Anthony picked up the guitar and learned by ear. Soon after, he adapted his poetry to his music. After performing with a few bands in high school, Anthony attended Berklee College of Music where he studied songwriting and music business.

During his college years, he toured Massachusetts with his original music and also worked on a few student films as an actor. His love of music led him to become a private guitar instructor. By the time he graduated college, he had six students. After graduated Berklee College of Music, he followed his heart, packed up his car and drove to California to start his career in the world of entertainment.

After a few years of playing music and acting in California, he was introduced to screenplay writing. All his passion and focus shifted to the art of film. He was quickly hired to do editing and rewrites for various student films and YouTube series. These were the years he honed in on his craft and began to again dedicated his life to creative writing, but now, in film. Years later, Anthony Theodorakos is now writing/ creating content for various producers and production companies.

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